As most Texans rushed home to watch the Astros play Tuesday night, El Campo ISD board meeting attendees forwent their sports fan desires to discuss the middle school improvement plan, district ratings and other issues.

District officials celebrated increasing ECISD’s overall Texas Education Agency academic overview rating from a C to a B, although some scores were lower, and receiving no demerits for campus cafeterias from city health inspectors.

ECISD ranked ‘superior,’ the highest score, on the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas, an audit of the 2017 to 2018 school year. The score is determined by how efficiently public schools use their financial resources.

“I’m proud that we have received another superior rating,” Assistant Superintendent of Finance David Bright said. “I think we’ve received a superior rating each year for quite some time.”

El Campo Middle School fell below the district average, receiving a D academic rating, on an A to F scale, after the Texas Education Agency’s annual evaluation. In the same category, El Campo High School and Northside Elementary received B scores, while Hutchins and Myatt Elementary each received A scores.

While ECMS received higher marks in some categories, the campus scored F for ‘closing the gaps’ and ‘academic growth,’ which are related to student academic progress.

To remedy the low scores, campus officials analyzed STAAR scores from the last three years, completed a self assessment and developed a Campus Improvement Plan.

“We think that it’s definitely going to yield improvement on the campus,” Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum Dolores Treviño said. “I feel pretty confident in that,”

Goals of the plan include increasing the overall score to C and increasing student STAAR scores 5 percent by involving students in monitoring their scores. This strategy of the plan is being utilized on campus as students created charts of their STAAR scores and teachers helped them evaluate the data in order to track their year to year progress.

“This has been some of the most impactful, individualized student-centered instruction we’ve done right here,” Eight-Grade Reading Teacher Natalie Gwosdz said.

The plan includes three points where district leaders will meet with campus leaders to analyze the current data and discuss progress. The plan will finish in May, according to Treviño.

“Everybody is working extremely hard,” ECMS Principal Gary Figirova said. “We wanted to make sure we made something that was attainable for us this first year, because we have a bunch of brand new teachers, a lot of transition.”

The ECISD school board voted unanimously in favor of approving the Campus Improvement plan.

While approving the sale of two used buses to Clear Creek ISD was on the consent agenda, the board opted to delay the approval until next month’s meeting. The motion is to be approved provided a recommendation is added to use the profit to buy new buses.

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