Pass the barbecue sauce, deviled eggs, peach dumplings and tamales, because if you haven’t tried these quirky local Thanksgiving staples, you might be missing out.

Locals prepare for Thanksgiving feasts of all sizes and varieties this week, which will include classic dishes, but also foods with a bit of El Campo flair.

“We’re a Czech family and my grandmother, a long time ago, always made gravy for the dressing or the turkey, and she also made her homemade barbecue sauce,” Dawn Bartosh said.

Anne Marie Garcia typically spends Thanksgiving at her mom’s house. This year, their family’s menu will include new additions: apple and pineapple empanadas.

“She’s been cooking it, and I’ve been sampling,” Garcia said. “She did some fried empanadas and she did some baked empanadas.”

Other non-stereotypical Thanksgiving foods people plan on making are deviled eggs, chocolate mousse pie, varieties of Cheesecake, filet mignon, banana pudding and mac and cheese, according to the Leader-News Facebook page.

Traditional items that locals plan to cook this year include turkey, fried or baked, dressing, sweet potatoes, cranberry dishes, some type of casserole, corn and ham.

Garcia, who will be eating chocolate mousse pie and apple pie with her family, is a dessert person when it comes to Thanksgiving.

“It’s hard to pick, but I love pecan pie,” Garcia said.

Bartosh’s favorite Thanksgiving food is her mom’s homemade dressing.

Her mother, Sherri Hoffman, passed away from cancer this year. For Thanksgiving last year, Hoffman taught Bartosh her dressing recipe.

“We spent a whole day making dressing,” Bartosh said.

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