For Safety’s Sake

El Campo and Louise schools are increasing campus security measures to limit access to classrooms and buildings while police train for response to minor issues or worst case scenarios like an active shooter.  Tip lines are designed to help ensure those who see something actually say something to help protect the campuses from threats. It’s just another step in the ongoing efforts of school officials and law enforcers to ensure children stay safe. 

The “Say Something Anonymous Reporting System,” providing an online tip submission form, phone hot line and app in efforts to prevent youth violence, will be launched by El Campo ISD by early February, officials say.

“Adding this system to the reporting methods we currently have will hopefully make reporting issues and concerns more comfortable to the tipster,” ECISD instructional technology specialist Chris Skinner said. “Anyone wishing to report a concern would be able to choose the platform that they feel most comfortable using.”

If life-threatening information is submitted, the El Campo Police Department dispatch and ECISD officials are notified day or night. If one of the three alerted groups does not respond, the system will notify another official, instructional technology specialist Ashley Barnes said.

Unlike the previous ECISD tip system, the new one will alert ECISD officials seconds after a tip is sent. Depending on the tip’s urgency or what campus it relates to, the superintendent, principals or other ECISD faculty will be notified.

Professionals from Sandy Hook Promise, the non-profit organization that created the system, contact tipsters after a tip is submitted.

“This system is well thought out, and we liked the ability for tipsters to be able to talk to a live person either by phone or through chat in the app,” Skinner said.

Sandy Hook Promise is led by family members of victims from the Sandy Hook school mass shooting in 2012. The organization is devoted to preventing violence through education and intervention.

Skinner anticipates the system will mainly be used by students and parents. “Hopefully they will feel more comfortable and safe at our district and realize how much concern we have for their safety and well-being,” Skinner said.

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