Red, White & Blue Fun

Donning their handmade patriotic paper hats, children at Methodist Child Care have some shaving cream fun as they add colors of red and blue to the messy mix. Pictured (l-r) are Parker Rod, Bristol Kulcak, Emelia Benitez, Carly Martinka, Sandre Puente and Katelyn Horn.

Large gatherings are discouraged in light of the coronavirus pandemic, but the current social distancing restrictions didn’t stop El Campoans from reminiscing about their favorite July 4 memories this week.

“When we lived in the country, we would barbecue, make homemade ice cream and later set off our own fireworks,” Catherine Wood said via the Leader-News Facebook page.

Independence day celebrations typically include feasts and fireworks, with the first July 4 firework display dating back to 1777 in Philadelphia. The previous year, colonists celebrated their newly-claimed independence by holding fake funerals for English royalty, but the somber concept didn’t solidify into lasting tradition.

The unique reason Denise Flores of El Campo loves July 4 is that it also doubled as her wedding day in 1998.

“It was a whirlwind,” Flores said. “We met on Christmas Eve … of ‘97, we were married July 4 (of ‘98), we had our first child in September and we are still married today.”

Flores and her husband, David, usually celebrate their anniversary by going out to dinner, but changed their plans for their 22-year anniversary because of the pandemic. The couple and their three kids intend to spend the day all together.

“We’ll probably spend the day at home, and (David’s) favorite is pineapple upside-down cake, so I’ll probably make that and take it from there,” Flores said.

The Boling Volunteer Fire Department’s firework show is the closest public display to El Campo. A public July 4 firework display has not been held in El Campo in recent years, and one is not planned for this year.

Firework displays have always been a bright spot for El Campoan Kimberly Denise too.

“My favorite memory was having all-stars practice before the fireworks show,” Denise said on Leader-News social media. “The softball dads would grill us hamburgers and hot dogs and we would have a great time enjoying eating and watching the fireworks.”

Fireworks are illegal to use or possess inside the El Campo city limits. Public displays are still planned for this year, in spite of the pandemic, in Boling, Eagle Lake, Columbus, Rosenberg and more.

The Boling VFD firework show begins at 8:30 p.m. today, July 4, at the Boling Community Center, 9839 Allen Road, Boling.

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