Recovering From The Unexpected

After the on-field altercation between Louise High School and Bloomington High School football players on Sept. 4, (l-r) Bloomington ISD Superintendent Mark Anglin talks with LHS Principal Donna Kutac and Precinct 3 Constable Robert Holder. To stop the fighting students, Holder, who was off duty that night but providing game security, ran onto the field and discharged pepper spray, scattering those involved. LISD leaders say the district fully supports Holder and his actions. 

About half of Louise High School’s varsity football players sat out of part or all of Friday night’s game as punishment for a fight that broke out last week among players during the Louise and Bloomington ISD game.

“Some Louise players are going to be sitting out the first half, and there are some that are going to be sitting out the whole game,” Louise ISD Superintendent Garth Oliver said.

The minimum punishment from UIL is for the first half of the following game. After conducting an internal review of fight video, LISD administrators and coaches determined all but 12 Hornet players deserved disciplinary action.

“It’s an issue that we’re taking very seriously,” Oliver said. “We don’t want this to ever happen again. This is an embarrassing thing for us.”

The fight occurred at the Sept. 4 Louise home game, during the last eight seconds. Precinct 3 Constable Robert Holder rushed onto the field to break up the physical altercation using pepper spray. Holder was off duty, providing security services for LISD, and Oliver said the district fully supports Holder’s actions in response to the situation.

“We’re very grateful that Officer Holder responded quickly,” he said. “After watching the game video, it was apparent that as soon as the pepper spray was discharged, the fighting stopped.”

Prior to the altercation, the score was 20 to 13 in favor of Louise. Following a loose ball after trying to end the game in victory formation, a scramble to grab possession escalated into a fight among multiple players on both teams.

Several fans shouted from the stands and referees blew their whistles as the students brawled. Not all onlookers, however, remained on the sidelines.

“We’re dealing with some of the fans as well,” Oliver said. “Some of the fans’ actions were not in line with what needs to happen at a football game. We cannot have people running down on the field.”

After the fight was broken up, Bloomington’s players were required to remain off the field. Louise’s team had possession of the ball, so they were allowed to run out the clock with the opposing team absent. Louise ultimately took home the win, with the final score remaining at 20 to 13.

Louise High School’s varsity football team played High Island ISD Friday, while Bloomington High School’s next varsity game is scheduled for Sept. 25. Louise and Bloomington are not scheduled to play each other again this season.

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