New Graduates in Louise

Macy Marek, Kaitlyn Surratt, Jessica Montes and Peyton Wilson (l-r) look on after graduation ceremonies Friday at Louise High School.

Forty two Louise High seniors, the Class of 2019, entered the gym to “Pomp and Circumstance,” performed by the LHS band Friday evening, May 24.

Family and friends who had poured into the gym, filled the reserved seating on the floor designed for the seniors’ guests and others filled the seats in the stands as well as stood in the back of the gym.

Situated on risers at the front of the stage, seniors listened to the address by Salutatorian Jessica Montes and Valedictorian Peyton Wilson.

Kyli Kostelnik led the crowd in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag and the Texas pledge, followed by Montes’ speech.

“I don’t remember how I became friends with all of you,” she said, referring to her fellow classmates. “But somehow, we connected. Class of 2019, we have all been ready for this moment ... since the beginning of the school year. We have all worked hard to get to this day.”

Montes went on to thank the teachers for their guidance.

“I stand here today in front of all of you ... happy and sad this day,” she said. Montes was happy for the celebratory moment, yet sad she and her classmates would be going their separate ways.

Louise High Principal Donna Kutac then certified the candidates, as each came forward to receive their diploma.

Seniors Kaitlyn Surratt and Damaris Martinez then gave the parents address, thanking them for all their guidance over the years. And then keeping with tradition at LHS, each senior presented yellow roses to parents and other significant persons who have made an impact in their lives. This was followed by a slide show of the seniors, showcasing each from elementary age to their senior year.

Valedictorian Peyton Wilson then gave her address, as she likened the Class of 2019’s journey to that of a waterfall.

“The first day of our freshman year ... we were pushed over the cliff,” Wilson said. “Our sophomore year was a blurr.”

By the junior year, Wilson said they were “caught in a fast swirling current.” The during their senior year, the “water was getting quicker and quicker ... and now we’re graduating.”

Wilson went on to quote British author Aidan Chambers who said a river is “always changing and is always on the move,” while comparing his words to the seniors’ continued journey after graduation.

Superintendent Garth Oliver congratulated the graduating class of 2019 as he also recognized several key board members. One particular board member, Jay Heard, was congratulated on 20 years as a board member with the district.

Gabriella Rodriguez then announced the turning of the tassels and Kristian Cedillo followed with the benediction before the school song and recessional.

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