Preparing For Winter

Bob and Sallie Wilkins cover potted plants around El Campo Wednesday in preparation for the week’s coming cold front. The Beautify El Campo Extension organization (BEES) maintains the city’s permanent plant pots around town, caring for the vegetation regularly.

Snow is in the forecast for El Campo Monday, but local schools already planned to be closed in honor of Presidents’ Day. Whether closures or delays are in store for the following days next week is yet to be decided, district leaders say.

Monday is predicted to be the coldest day of the school week, and since El Campo and Louise ISD students have Monday off, the district superintendents will be monitoring the weather closely to determine if school will be closed Tuesday.

“Tuesday will depend on how the weather forecast changes,” ECISD Superintendent Bob Callaghan said.

“The one thing that’s going to make us close is ice … Ice on the road and out in the country, if the buses are sliding around, that’s not a good thing,” LISD Superintendent Garth Oliver said.

Sunday night and Monday are forecast to have the coldest temperatures for Wharton County, with a low of 24 degrees on Sunday and a low of 11 degrees on Monday, according to the Weather Channel. The high for Monday is expected to remain below freezing at 30 degrees, with a chance of snow Monday morning.

“We’ve just got to play it like we always do; get up at 4 o’clock in the morning and check the roads and see if we need to call it,” Oliver said.

At ECISD, Monday is a student holiday, but the district scheduled that day for teacher development. Should the weather get too bad, district leaders will consider moving that training day to later in the school year.

Tuesday and Wednesday are expected to see higher temperatures than Monday, with a low of 31 degrees and a high of 50 degrees between those two days. Thursday’s weather could drop down to a low of 26 degrees, but Friday through Sunday are expected to mark a return to warmer weather, with highs between 50 and 70 degrees and lows between 37 and 55 degrees for those days.

In case of any delays or closures, ECISD parents will receive an automated text or phone call from the district. LISD administrators plan to update the district website, social media and inform the local radio stations, should a closure or delay be necessary.

“If we have to cancel school, we will send out a voice broadcast just like we typically do,” Callaghan said.

Some schools in the Houston, Austin and Dallas areas have already announced closures or delayed starts for Monday.

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