“Louie, Louie, where ya gotta go now?”

To the first Hornet football and volleyball games of the season, that’s where.

The Louise community chose “Louie” as the school mascot name for the Hornet at “Meet the Hornets” Thursday night in the gymnasium.

Last school year, elementary students came up with three names for the mascot with a new look: Buzz, Louie and Stinger.

“Last night, we still hadn’t settled on a name. We allowed the community to give their input,” said Superintendent Garth Oliver on Friday.

After the public met with district athletes, coaches, band members and the band director, Oliver put the three names to a public vote. The winner received the loudest applause.

“People liked Buzz and Stinger, but Louie was the overwhelming choice,” Oliver said. “I like that one. It’s my favorite.”

Although the new costume made its debut last school year, the beefed up and buffer Hornet still needs a student inside the costume. Right now a district staff member dons the suit.

Oliver would like an air of mystery to surround whoever is inside the suit for as long as possible, up to the point when the occupant must remove the mask for a gulp of fresh, cool air in the lingering South Texas heat. Luckily, the days are getting shorter and the mask has a built-in fan.

Oliver expects Louie to make appearances at most Hornet games and community events with limited outside exposure.

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