Anyone Have B-4?

Residents of SPJST Senior Living of El Campo compete in a social distancing approved version of Bingo last week. Pictured in forefront (l-r) are Geraldine Trochta, Edith Popp and Jenna Malik. Holding yellow item in background is Bonnie Martinez.

With seven people diagnosed with COVID-19 as of Monday and six tests pending, Wharton County officials continue to ask people to stay home and stay safe.

An additional 50 Wharton County people have been tested for COVID-19 and received negative test results.

Of the seven suffering with the illness, five live in the greater El Campo area and two in Wharton. All are women except one boy under the age of 10.

Each is reportedly treating themselves or being treated at home. None have been listed as recovered as of presstime.

The recommendations for the public, officials say, remain the same – stay home whenever possible, practice social distancing, wash your hands and, if you do start to feel ill, call your doctor.

State health officials say the next two weeks are “critical.”

“This is unlike any other disaster we’ve had,” Wharton County Emergency Management Coordinator Andy Kirkland said. “It’s scary for the lack of knowledge.”

The state urges those who are 65 or older and/or have heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or cancer minimize exposure.

There are no specific testing centers here in Wharton County.

“COVID-19 testing is available at medical centers in the only if you meet symptom criteria,” Kirkland said.

All but one of Wharton County’s contiguous counties are reporting COVID-19 cases as of presstime. Fort Bend County has 119 cases, Brazoria County 61, Matagorda County 27, Jackson and Lavaca counties one each and Austin County two cases. 

Monday, Governor Greg Abbott ordered a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine for anyone coming into the state, regardless of method of transport, from California, Louisiana, Washington along with the cities of Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, and Miami calling them an “imminent threat.”

Last Thursday, the governor activated three National Guard Joint Task Force Brigades – the 72nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, the 56th Infantry Brigade Combat Team and the 176th Engineer Brigade, to assist with drive-through COVID-19 testing sites in metro areas and to assist where needed with health care efforts.

Meanwhile, the CDC has issued a warning that using chloroquine phosphate (an antimalarial medication that may help with COVID-19) without a prescription and supervision can cause “serious health consequences.”

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