Sheldon Holub will be working today and, being a Wharton County bar owner, he’s mighty happy to do so.

Since Gov. Greg Abbott’s April 1 economic shutdown order, his SunnySide Saloon on South Mechanic had only been operational seven days – and that was months ago.

Holub and other Wharton County bar and dance hall owners got the nod from County Judge Phillip Spenrath Monday.

“We’re going to do it. We’re going to open. Pretty excited about it. No, after seven months, I’m real excited,” Holub told the newspaper Monday.

To be able to participate in the 50 percent capacity opening authorized by the governor and county judge, he and others had to meet with county officials Tuesday and sign an agreement to follow guidelines.

“At this time, our current active cases, low positivity rates, and very low new case totals support the reopening of these establishments provided bar owners closely follow and adhere to the Governor’s proposed guidelines,” Spenrath said.

He added, “It’s a safe time to start reopening as many local businesses as we can.”

Spenrath urged visitors to the establishments to wear masks when they could and socially distance.

“We are by no means out of it (COVID-19) yet,” he said.

The rules cover community center dances, clubs that serve more alcohol than food and the like.

With the size of his building, Holub said he was confident he could open and still net revenue at 50 percent capacity.

“We will be able to open as soon as we get the go ahead. It’s nice to be setting an alarm clock again,” he said.

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