Mail Call Not Time For Pranks

El Campo Police are on the hunt for mail forger – mail, not male, they haven’t said what they believe the perpetrator’s gender might be.

This ner’do-well walked into the El Campo Post Office on Dec. 2 and filed a change of address for a woman. Unfortunately, the person making the request was not the person to whom the mail belonged.

Translation: Big no-no.

Once officers catch up to the person responsible for this mail masquerade, they will face a felony charge.

Know who it is and want to make some fast cash? Call the West Wharton County Crime Stoppers at 543-TIPS. Crime Stoppers pay cash for information that solves a felony crime.

Test Drives

By Appointment Only

Have you seen a black 2017 Ford Escape in the area – VonDerAu Ford would like it back.

The $17,000 vehicle was taken off the used car portion of the 1822 N. Mechanic lot sometime between Dec. 22 and 26.

Whether it was a would-be Santa or not, the act is a felony crime.

Sad, because had the person walked in during regular business hours, he or she could have taken a legal spin.

Car lots just aren’t help yourself locations.

No really, here’s your bill

A 32-year-old El Campo man was told last Saturday that he forgot to pay his bill at a local restaurant – or at least the way he tried to pay wasn’t quite kosher.

Instead, Andy Gonzales of 405 Merchant allegedly forged his Nov. 27 bill at Pincher’s, 23324 U.S. 59.

Now, the price has gone up.

Gonzales faces up to two years in state jail for his alleged crime.

Mighty pricey for a plate of crawfish.

– By Shannon Crabtree

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