Wharton County

Grand Jury Indictments

January Deliberations

(Note: An indictment is not an indication of guilt, but rather a citizen jury’s verdict that a prosecutor has enough evidence against a person to proceed with felony charges.)

Those facing trial include:

• Donald Wayne Adams-Presnell, 45, of 2405 Harris in Baytown for forgery on July 28, 2015. He allegedly forged a $1,680 check.

• Charlotte Marie Birdsall, 40, of 1404 Oak Dr. in Port Lavaca for theft with two or more previous convictions on Sept. 4, 2017. She allegedly stole golf gloves and men’s pants from a store.

Birdsall has two previous theft convictions in Victoria County.

• Emily Elizabeth Bosse, 34, of 2007 Collins Rose Court in Richmond for possession of a controlled substance on Oct. 4, 2017. She allegedly had less than 4 grams of methamphetamine.

• Dana Kim Carroll, 55, of 352 CR 243 in Bay City for evading arrest with a motor vehicle on Oct. 12, 2017.

• Quade Evan Chambless, 30, of 916 CR 36 in Angleton for possession of a prohibited substance in a correctional facility on Nov. 14, 2017. He allegedly had Xanax in the Wharton County Corrections Office.

Chambless had a prior felony conviction for burglary of a habitation in Wharton County on June 19, 2012.

• Coy Lee Creager, 29, of 4427 CR 382 in Louise for possession of a prohibited substance in a correctional facility on Nov. 14, 2017. He allegedly had marijuana in the Wharton County Sheriff’s Office.

• Milton Jose Cruz, 45, of 401 S. Washington in El Campo for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (family violence) on April 15, 2017. He allegedly threw a metal bench at a woman causing injury.

• Marvin Lee Cunningham, 28, of 604 Wright in El Campo for possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver in a drug free zone on Aug. 3, 2017. He allegedly attempted to sell less than a gram of crack cocaine within 1,000 feet of the West Second Street park playground in El Campo.

• Kenneth Charles Curtis Jr., 34, of 605 W. Caney, No. 8, in Wharton for assault of a family member on Oct. 5, 2017. He allegedly struck a woman. Curtis has a history of family violence in Matagorda County.

• Ashley Marie Garcia, 25, of 1707 CR 129 in Wharton for endangering a three-year-old child on Oct. 30, 2017. She allegedly placed the child in jeopardy by driving 95 mph with the child unrestrained in the back seat.

• Audrey Marie Gebara, 36, of 501 Ave. I in El Campo for three counts of theft between Sept. 10 and 18, 2017. She allegedly stole a toothbrush from one store and clothing from another.

Gebara has a prior felony conviction for theft in Wharton County on Nov. 10, 2009 and a misdemeanor theft conviction in Harris County in 2000. She also has felony convictions for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle on April 25, 2003 and engaging in organized criminal activity on July 15, 2010, both in Wharton County.

• Adam Paul Gonzales, 35, of 730 Norman in East Bernard for assault family violence on Oct. 22, 2017. He allegedly threw a beer bottle at a woman, striking her in the face and causing injury.

Gonzales has a history of family violence in Wharton County.

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