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Hornets sophomore running back/defensive back Blayke Yeager runs away from oncoming Bloomington defenders earlier in the year.  Against Snook two weeks ago, Yeager had his best game of the year with over 100 yards rushing and two touchdowns. 


The Louise Hornets (1-9, 1-3) have a Paul Bunyan-sized task Thursday night in Brenham when they face the Bermond Tigers (9-1, 4-0) in the first round of the playoffs.

The Tigers lone loss of the season came when their starting quarterback threw three interceptions (his only three of the year). While Bermond has a good passing attack, the Hornets’ primary concern this Thursday will be the run game. On the season, the Tigers have run the ball for 3,232 yards.

In Louise’s game against Flatonia, they allowed 362 yards rushing and seven touchdowns.

Since the Hornets had players came back against Somerville three weeks ago, the offense has taken steps forward and become more dynamic.

Flatonia-like Bremond is a 9-1 team. However, defensively they are not the same, points can be scored on Bremond. Flatonia allowed 12.3 points a game while Bremond is giving up 21.6.

If the Hornets offense can take another step forward, they might make things interesting.

While the task does seem daunting, the Hornets have been in the position before. As the fourth seed in district last year, the Hornets nearly beat a one seed and a nine-win team in Granger. Two seasons ago, the Hornets had two wins on the year and upset Kaufer who was an eight-win team.

“It’s a confidence booster, it also allows the kids to know that anything can happen in a game,” Hornets Head Coach Joe Bill said. “We know they are favored, but that’s why we play the game. So we are focused on what we can control.”

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