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Louise junior catcher Blake Yeager catches a baseball mid-air with Hornets’ Coach Davis Page and fellow junior catcher Daniel Gaona III looking on.


The Louise Hornets baseball team only had two days of practice before blowing out the Bloomington Bobcats 14-3 in five innings Tuesday night on the road.

The Hornets exploded for seven hits and 14 walks in route to their blowout win. Junior Blake Yeager and senior Wylie Strelec at the top of the order combined for four hits and four walks, scoring six runs.

“I thought we came out and we showed some good things early,” Hornets coach Davis Page said. “Our approach at the plate was really nice. We were getting in good counts and we were hitting fastballs. (Bloomington) was struggling to throw strikes early but our guys stayed patient and we had eight runs through the first two innings.”

While the offense had a highlight night, the Hornets pitching staff was dealt a big blow, with sophomore Ethan Wendell suffering an arm injury in the first inning.

With Louise being a small school when baseball was able to practice the Hornets only had five players at first. The baseball team had to wait for the rest of their players who were in basketball, which ended their season the Friday before the Winter storm.

After the cold weather subsided on Saturday, the Hornets banded together for their first official practice as a complete team. However, they missed out on a week of practice with the weather closing school for a week.

“Those were a valuable five days that we didn’t get. We really needed those five days from a fundamental stand-point and dusting the rust off,” Page said. “But our guys are just athletes and they’re a resilient group especially the upperclassmen. You can tell they know what they’re doing on the baseball field, especially on the infield.”

On the field Wednesday, the Hornets were getting in the work they missed. Page in his first-year as the baseball coach taught the catchers positioning and footwork for throwing out runners. The Hornets also learned who to take leads off the bag when on the bases. Outfielders spent time going over when and how to hit their cutoff man.

“We didn’t lose a whole lot from last year,” Page said. “We’ve got a good group of seniors, a lot of them on the infield.”

Outside of the infield, the Hornets will be fairly young with only two juniors and the rest of the team filled with sophomores and freshmen.

The Hornets Monday will be in action against Rice Consolidated on the road.

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