It's Like Seeing A Mirror

Ricebirds seniors Harris Mickelson (82) and Trayton Vaclavick (84) work on a mirroring drill during Wednesday’s practice. The Ricebirds will get to have their first experience with full contact since late November 2019. El Campo won’t have a scrimmage this upcoming week. They will scrimmage Sweeny the following week before opening up the season on the road against the Gonzales Apaches Aug. 28.


The El Campo Ricebirds have been out on the field practicing football, but they won’t be readying for their first scrimmage of the season next week.

In a normal season, after the opening week of practices, schools the following week would be able to have their first scrimmage of the year. However, when the University Interscholastic League allowed football to start back up, they took the first week of scrimmages away as part of their return to play guidance.

The Ricebirds will get their first taste of full contact starting Monday. However, the end of the week won’t result in them hitting La Grange Leopard players.

El Campo would like to have their normal week two scrimmage, but they understand not having it does come with some positives.

“It’s really like a spring training for us, it gives us an extra week so that we can really work on the little things to help us get better as a football team and I think that’s the big (plus),” Ricebirds Head Coach Wayne Condra said. “But you always want to have that opportunity to go play against someone else.”

El Campo’s first and only scrimmage is in two weeks when they see the Sweeny Bulldogs. By that time, the Ricebirds will be ready to see another color jersey.

While the Ricebirds will have to wait to see someone else, what they did see in the opening week of practice was good. After two days of helmets only, they added shoulder pads into the mix Wednesday.

“It was alright and it went better than we expected coming out here in the heat,” junior lineman Juan Leal said.

“It felt good to have a little bit of contact, (competing), we’re working hard and getting better every day,” junior lineman Kerry North said.

Next week the Ricebirds will have real competitiveness with full contact, which is likely welcomed after most athletes have missed serious competition in the last few months.

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