The Louise Hornets are in danger of not playing their first football home game at Hornet Stadium on Sept. 17 against Scared Heart Hallettsville.

Needing an upgrade to the field after last season, the Hornets opted to lay down new grass. However, the unseasonably wet summer kept them from being able to finish laying down the new field.

The Hornets scrimmage with High Island, Friday night, was played on the practice field with the stadium grass unfit to play upon. According to Louise Athletic Director Joe Bill, once laid, hopefully, Tuesday, it will take about a month for the field to be ready for use.

Bill is working on contingencies if the field is not ready.

“I don’t know what to say about the football field, I’m ready for the grass be installed,” Bill said. “There is always a possibility (of playing somewhere else), but hoping we can get this done.”

Louise’s first three games are on the road this season. The Hornets will play six of their 10 games on the road. Following their Sept. 17 home game, their next home game won’t be until Oct. 1.

The new grass, once installed, is supposed to be a better field, more durable, taking less water and staying greener longer, according to Bill said.

The previous field was a hodgepodge of different types of grass. The new grass will be a hybrid type of bermudagrass.

“We’re excited about it,” Bill said. “It’s going to be a nicer field than we’ve had.”

In Wharton County, only El Campo and Wharton have turf fields. Boling, East Bernard and Louise, all have grass football fields. Wharton only recently got turf after the completion of Eddie Joseph Memorial Stadium in 2019.

Louise’s home stands are also getting some work done to them with a crew working on bleachers and beams, replacing rusted pieces.

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