We’re nearing the end fellas. We’ve got one week remaining in the Leader-News annual football contest. It’s been a long grind, well maybe not for y’all, but for me, painstakingly going through each scorecard by hand to produce the three winners each week. Ok enough of my whining, let’s get to the winners of week 15.

With very few college football games, there was a hodgepodge of games, duct-taped and stapled together to give us 16 pickable games.

Outside of mostly everyone missing on Sam Houston, and who could blame you they were reigning champions, most scorecards looked alike. The contest had a lot of scorecards with 10 and 11 right, but only four had 12 which was the high number in week 15.

Betty Roades, Charles Washington, Roy Schulz and Linda Miculka, all of El Campo, battled it out for the three winning slots.

Washington was a little too hopeful for offense with a guess of 63 points between Falls City and Mart. The two high school teams played a defensive battle mustering 44 points between them.

Schulz came closest with a guess of 47 to lock up first place. Roades and Miculka saw even more defense with guesses in the 30s. Roades’ pick of 38 points edges out Miculka’s 35 giving her second place and leaving Miculka with the final slot in week 15.

This upcoming week is the final one of 2021, so if you haven’t entered yet this is your last chance. Just take a look at the games below and fill out the scorecard and get it back to us by quitting time on Friday. As always thank you for entering and I’ll see y’all all next week.

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