Fish-Like Speed

Ricebird junior Gage Garner makes the turn on his 100-yard breaststroke that he would end up finishing first in. Of all the boys’ swimmers at the El Campo meet, Garner took home the Male Swimmer of the Meet. Garner had two first-place finishes overall.


At the El Campo invitational this past Friday night, the El Campo Ricebird swimming team got in their final work of 2019. The Ricebirds competed in 20 events and had four first-place finishes, which included two by junior Gage Garger who took home the Male Swimmer of the Meet award.

“I felt really good about (this meet)” senior Camryn Jansky said. “It’s hard to swim in the same pool that you practice in because everybody is used to it, but I think everybody did really good.”

Garner won his two solo events, the 50-yard freestyle and the 100-yard breaststroke, and the two relays he competed in both finished inside the top three.

“He’s coming into his own,” Coach Richard Nava said. “He’s like a little powder keg that’s about to explode. He’s so humble and down-to-earth. He’s a 17-year-old kid and he’s still hungry and excited for every swim meet. I see great things at district and regionals for him.”

The boys team, sans Conner Williams, who’s out with an injury, finished in fifth place with 220 points, just behind their district foe Victoria West who had 263 points.

Jansky, also had two first-place finishes. Her 100-yard breaststroke was nearly two seconds faster than second-place, she also had a first-place finish with the 200-yard medley relay.

The girls team finished tied with Tuloso-Midway for second with 235 points. Tomball High School finished way out in front with 503 points.

When  El Campo swimming gets back from winter break, they’ll have three meets to get back into gear before they head into district.

“I think we’re doing pretty good,” Jansky said. “I think training has been going really good for all of us. We’re just trying to push to district and regionals and really hit it hard over Christmas and try to get into the best shape possible.”


Event 1) Girls 200-Yard Medley Relay

Winning time Camryn Jansky, Allison Evans, Morgan Pierce, Rachel Evans (2:08.92), 2.86 seconds faster than second.

Event 2) Boys 200-Yard Medley Relay

Winning time  (1:48.67)

3) Reid Williams, Gage Garner, Zane Garner, Carson Whitington (1:54.21)

Event 3) Girls 200-Yard Freestyle

Winning time (2:19.63)

9) Grace Evans (2:42.72)

Event 4) Boys 200-Yard Freestyle

Winning time (1:57.14)

14) David Vallejo (2:31.84)

18) Colby Williams (2:43.19)

Event 7) Girls 50-Yard Freestyle

Winning time (25.69)

2) Camryn Jansky (26.19)

4) Rachel Evans (27.64)

10) Margaret Evans (29.37)

35) Madisyn Molina (36.74)

42) Ciara Frisbie (39.79)

Event 8 Boys 50 Yard Freestyle

Winning time Gage Garner (22.90), .065 seconds faster than second.

13) Carson Whitington (27.25)

18) Mason Fuechec (28.34)

21) Dylan Cook (28.81)

Event 11 Girls 100 Yard Butterfly

Winning time (1:05.62)

2) Morgan Pierce (1:10.76)

Event 12) Boys 100-Yard Butterfly

Winning time (57.26)

4) Zane Garner (1:03.05)

11) David Vallejo (1:25.55)

Event 13) Girls 100-Yard Freestyle

Winning time (57.14)

5) Rachel Evans (1:03.76)

13) Grace Evans (1:13.06)

Event 14) Boys 100-Yard Freestyle

Winning time (53.22)

3) Reid Williams (57.22)

16) Dylan Cook (1:06.05)

19) Mason Fuechec (1:10.57)

Event 15) Girls 500-Yard Freestyle

Winning time (6:05.66)

2) Morgan Pierce (6:24.03)

Event 16) Boys 500-Yard Freestyle

Winning time) (5:23.83)

12) Colby Williams (7:23.76)

Event 17) Girls 200-Yard Freestyle Relay

Winning time (1:49.51)

3) Morgan Pierce, Rachel Evans, Margaret Evans, Allison Evans (2:01.60 32)

Event 18) Boys 200-Yard Freestyle Relay

Winning time (1:40.39 40)

2) Gage Garner, Zane Garner, Reid Williams, Carson Whitington (1:42.05)

11) Mason Fuechec, David Vallejo, Dylan Cook, Colby Williams (1:58.90)

Event 19) Girls 100-Yard Backstroke

Winning time Camryn Jansky (1:04.87), 1.87 seconds faster than second.

Event 20) Boys 100-Yard Backstroke

Winning time (1:00.89)

3) Zane Garner (1:08.17)

5) Reid Williams (1:11.36)

Event 21) Girls 100-Yard Breaststroke

Winning time (1:20.88)

4) Allison Evans (1:31.49)

Event 22) Boys 100-Yard Breaststroke

Winning time Gage Garner (1:05.12), 0.92 seconds faster than second.

Event 23) Girls 400-Yard Freestyle Relay

Winning time (4:06.07)

5) Grace Evans, Margaret Evans, Allison Evans, Riley Respondek (5:11.40)

Event 24) Boys 400-Yard Freestyle Relay

Winning time (3:36.95)

8) Colby Williams, Dylan Cook, David Vallejo, Carson Whitington (4:33.31)

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