Work out safely

The Hornets are asking players to be safe at workouts and away from the football field. 

The Louise Hornets are one of the smaller athletic programs in the state. As a 2A school, the Hornets don’t have the same number of students that schools in major cities have, let alone those just miles down the road.

The Hornets have had one hiccup since starting on June 8 when a student came into potential contact with COVID-19. To be on the safe side, they shut down practice for two weeks. Outside of that, the Hornets have taken advantage of each day that’s been allowed by the UIL.

Starting workouts in June, Louise had a large number of students take part in the workouts. While that has shrunk, they’ve seen a consistent group of around 20 boys showing up to prepare for August.

This past week the University Interscholastic League (UIL) added more rules, namely a mask order to try and keep athletes and coaches safe.

With athletes continuing to show up and workout during the COVID-19 pandemic, Louise Athletic Director Joe Bill has told the students to remain vigilant when at the school and when back at home.

“Sometimes we might feel like it might not affect us, I’m too healthy,” Bill said. “You don’t understand the seriousness until it affects someone in your family. I gave them the example of some of the people that’s passed around here and their family is hurting. It’s a serious deal and I encourage them to take the precautions with masks and social distancing and to be careful about the crowds you’re around.”

For Louise being safe on the field and away from it is key. One missing athlete can affect so many different aspects of whatever sport they are playing in.

With uncertainty about the upcoming year and debates around the state on if there will be Fall sports or not. Louise’s consistent group of athletes that have taken part in workouts haven’t been worried.

“We don’t know what the UIL or the CDC is going to say,” Bill said. “But they’re here working out and being consistent, the same with the girls. I’ve been very pleased with the way things are going.”

The Hornets are continuing to move ahead as planned with sports starting in August.

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