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The El Campo Ladybirds played their final summer league game of the year Thursday evening in Victoria. Next week the Ladybirds will be back on the court in an official capacity with the volleyball year starting on Aug. 1. Pictured above: Sophomore Ella Jenkins hits the volleyball over two Industrial middles. 


The El Campo Ladybird varsity volleyball team closed out the summer Thursday night in Victoria. 

The summer league ended with a loss to Industrial in a quick one match game to decide who kept advancing Thursday to the championship. Earlier in the summer league, the Ladybirds beat Industrial, but Thursday their game originally scheduled for 6:30 p.m. was moved up and without a full team and no warmup beforehand they lost. Industrial last year made the 3A State Semi-final game.

The offseason summer league gave the Ladybirds a chance to make some improvements before the year starts on Aug. 1.

“We came into (summer league) wanting to get better at talking. We wanted to get better  at playing together and making smarter decisions,” senior Bryn Rod said. “I think we got all of that out of this.”

With no open gym next week, because of the younger Ladybird volleyball camp, the next time the returning high school players will touch a volleyball competitively will be during two-a-days starting on Aug. 1.

In the meantime, the Ladybirds will spend time preparing for the conditioning part of the tryouts.

“A lot of the girls right now will be running the track and practicing their sprints to get in shape and make sure they can make their times,” Rod said.

This time next week, the Ladybirds volleyball team will be back into full swing, next Saturday they’ll have their only scrimmage of the preseason in Hallettsville.

“It’s getting more real that it’s our senior season, it’s actually happening it’s a week away,” Rod said. “The closer we get to it, the more excited everyone is going to get. Once that day comes everyone is going to be pumped up.”

When the Ladybirds started the summer league in Victoria they had no coach, but now that’s not a worry anymore with Roxanne Cavazos pulling double-duty this season by coaching volleyball in addition to softball. The only thing left for the Ladybirds is to wonder what their new jerseys will look like this year after switching from Nike to Adidas.

“That’s our last minute, like, ‘Oh what’s going to happen,’” Rod said. “Other than that, we’re all back to normal.”

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