Two Louise powerlifters recently won first place finishes. Senior Lady Hornet Destinee Ortega and junior Daniel Gaona III won gold at different meets earlier this month.

In the 220-pound division, Ortega took home first place at the Cougar Invitational on Feb 3 in Brazos. Ortega lifted a combined 735 pounds, the most in her weight class and the sixth most overall at the meet.

Gaona finished first in the 242-pound weight class at the Dale Taska Invitational in Tidehaven on Feb 6. Gaona lifted a combined 1,350 pounds, the most in his weight class and the fourth most overall. Gaona’s deadlift of 515 was only beaten by powerlifters from 4A and 5A schools.

At the Cougar invitational in the 114-pound weight class, Malerie Pena finished in third and Madilyn Kana took home fourth place. In the 123-pound weight class, Aaliyah Ochoa finished in third. Alyssa Jones came in fifth in the 148-pound weight class. Erica Melchor finished in second place in the 259-pound weight class.

At Tidehaven, in the 114-pound weight class Imanol Mendez came in second and Jake Miller finished in fourth. Miller was named the Most Dynamic Lifter. Blayke Yeager came in fourth place in the 148-pound weight class. In the 181-pound weight class, Roy Arrambide finished fifth. In the 275-pound weight class, Chris Vasquez came in third place.

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