Since the inception of the Little League World Series in 1947, only one El Campo baseball team has made it to the finals. In 1961, Wharton County represented the national stage in the World Series in Williamsport, Pa., as El Campo took on El Cajon, Calif.

This past World Series was the 60th anniversary of El Campo’s trip.

El Cajon ultimately ended El Campo’s championship dreams, besting them in a tight 4-2 game.

El Campo’s 12U All-Stars went 12-0 in 1961, in what was a single-elimination tournament then.

The red and white All-Stars beat Palacios, Wharton, West Columbia, Texas City, Port Arthur, Houston, Big Springs, Harlingen, Lake Charles, La, Charlotte, Nc., Terre Haute, In., and Monterey, Mexico.

Since 1947 only eight teams from Texas have been in the finals. 

Two teams have won it, Austin in 1950 and Westbury in 1966.

On the 1961 team were Billy Kainer, Kenny Mueller, Delphine Rod, Mike Winfield, Dennis Morgan, David Thigpen, Herman Krpec, Alonzo Ramirez, Danny Hauser, Dan Conner, David Vaclavick, Roland Lundy, Phillip Winfield, Bill Shutt and the All-Stars manager was Woody Winfield. 

They were coached by J.L. Woodward.

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