We have been whacking the fish this fall. Our trout population (in Palacios) has rebounded great after the freeze and the 60 plus inches of rain we had this summer. We have been finding trout all over our bays, under birds all the way out from the river to Oyster Lake, on the north shoreline of Tres Palacios Bay over shell pads and bunkers, and (we’re) still catching a few out at the rigs. 

We have had a big shrimp hatch and it has been pretty easy pickings, most fish have been (between) 17-19” and have fallen to Chicken of Sea DSL and Norton Bull Minnows in pearl (and) char. Our redfish bite has been just as good. (We’ve had) good schooling action and good fish way back up in the marshes chasing grass shrimp (and) shad. 

Our flounder bite has been off for some reason. (There is) not as many in the bay as we usually have, not sure if it is from the freshwater, but (I’m) hope they bounce back soon. (The) night fishing continues to be awesome with all three piers in town holding good solid keeper fish along with some good-sized sand trout. Beetle rigs in glow and pink have been (the) best baits for night fishing. As always in the winter months find the bait and you will find the fish.

This story was provided by Captain Aaron Wollam of the Palacios Guide Service. You can connect with Captain Wollam at palaciosguideservice.com.

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