Sting Em' For The Last Time

Seniors Madison Bartlett (left) and Colin Gonzales (right) hold up their Athlete of the Year award to show the family and friends who attended the Louise academic and athletic banquet.


Louise ISD held its annual academic and athletic banquet Tuesday evening at St. Andrew’s Parish Hall in Hillje.

The event honored Louise high School students who competed in UIL competitions throughout the year. Each coach honored their student-athletes with certificates and awards. They also shared with the many families and community members who attended, the recognition each student had garnered during the season.

The banquet was highlighted by naming the Athlete of Year and the Megan Kay Wendel Heart awards, given to one boy and girl senior, both voted on by the entire coaching staff. The Athlete of the Year went to Madison Bartlett and Colin Gonzales. The Megan Kay Wendel award went to Macy Marek and Aaron Cardenas.

At the end of the night, Athletic Director Heath Clawson called his wife Kim to the stage. With their son Jett in tow, she joined him. Clawson shared with the students, their families and the community that he would be moving on.

“Number one I want to thank you guys, the parents, and all the community members who supported us while we’ve been here for these three years,” Clawson said. “You guys know when we came here, we were two and now we’re three. If you didn’t know our story behind that, it’s pretty amazing and pretty incredible. For that to happen while we were here in Louise, it was an unbelievable part of our life that we’ll take from here. Thank y’all.”

Clawson, nearly moved to tears by the end of his speech, was met by a standing ovation from all gathered. Clawson thanked everyone once again. 

Bartlett the president of Fellowship of Christian Athletes ended the evening with a prayer.

The athletic honors started with the seven-on-seven team that made it to state and ended with the girls golf team which made it back from the state tournament hours before the banquet.

Sports honored:


Made the playoffs, lost in the first round. The seven-on-seven team made it to the State tournament, one of 16 teams. 

“We had a lot of interesting things that happened to us throughout the season,” Clawson said. “We had some heart-break which you’re going to go through usally. We had some close games that should have went our way and didn’t. Then we had some really good moments which were a lot of fun.” 

Seniors: Morgan Williams, Kristian Munoz, Kyler Marek, Cameron Jones, Colin Gonzales, Domannick Edison and Aaron Cardenas. 

Juniors: Stade Yount, Danny Williams, Duran Vasquez, Mason Orsak, Derek Luna, Gaige Kocian, Michael Gusman and Ball Chiwinkunpathom. 

Sophomores: Dylan Bronikowsky, Jodan Doran, Aaron Gomez, Daylon Machicek, Dustin Roberts, Rogeric Schooler, Wylee Strelec and Alex Ventura.

Freshmen: Blayke Yeager, Christopher Vasquez, Justin Lewis, Joshua Gomez, Daniel Gaonna III and D’Adrian Espitia. 

Cross county

Boys team made Regionals. Sophomore Javier Olvera competed at State. 

“(Boys) finished third in District, eight points behind first place and advanced as a team to the Regional meet. Special thanks to the (girls team) for the first time since I’ve been here, they’ve stepped up to represent the Lady Hornets at the District meet,” Coach Salvador Hernandez Sr. said. 

Seniors: Madison Bartlett

Juniors: Madison Delossantos, Cameron Cortez and Gaige Kocian.

Sophomores: Javier Olvera, Daylon Machicek, Salvador Hernandez Jr. and Erica George.

Freshmen: Margarita Olvera and Ana Garrett.


Did not make the playoffs. Lost a play-in game to Flatonia. 

“Everything they have accomplished, athletically or through academics has been through thier hard work,” Hernandez said. 

Seniors: Alexandra Torres, Mireya Montes. Gabriella Rodriguez, Macy Marek and Madison Bartlett.

Juniors: Haylee Blumrick, Madison Delossantos, Desiree Fortanelli, Sheyenne Hendrix, Esmeralda Mendez, Abigail Montes and Crystal Torres. 

Sophomores: Karleigh Surratt, Destinee Ortega, Aaliyah Ochoa, Avery Lewis, Cierra Gonzales and Erica George.

Freshmen: Breana Viesca, Angie Velazquez, Malory Trevino, Reagan Skow, Margarita Olvera, Savannah Morton, Shae Kidwell, Ana Garrett and Reign Edison. 

Girls basketball

Did not make the playoffs.

“We lost a couple of close games at the buzzers, that were heartbreakers.” Coach Joe Bill said. “One of the highlights that we had, we went over to the Tivoli tournament as was able to win that in back-to-back (seasons).” 

Seniors: Madison Bartlett and Jewell Ochoa.

Juniors: Haylee Blumrick, Madison Delossantos and Esmeralda Mendez.

Sophomores: Karleigh Surratt, Destinee Ortega, Aaliyah Ochoa, Avery Lewis and Cierra Gonzales. 

Freshmen: Sidney Vitera, Angie Velazquez, Desiree Rodriguez, Margarita Olvera, Ana Garrett and Reign Edison.

Boys basketball

Did not make the playoffs. Senior Colin Gonzales made the Victoria Chick-fil-A All-Star and the Lace ‘em Up All-Star basketball game held annually in Schulenburg. 

“We had some injuries and illnesses that hit us late,” coach Brian Blank said. “We couldn’t overcome and make the playoffs. But these young men managed to double their wins from a year ago and were competitive in just about every District game they played.” 

Seniors: Morgan Williams, Tyler Sulak, Kristian Munoz, Kyler Marek, Cameron Jones, Kyler Marek, Colin Gonzales and Aaron Cardenas.

Juniors: Ball Chiwinkunpathom, Cameron Cortez, Gaige Kocian, Saul Medina, Mason Orsak and Duran Vasquez. 

Sophomores: Rogeric Schooler, Dustin Roberts, Daylon Machicek, Mathew Marek and Charlie Huerta.

Freshmen: Blayke Yeager, Christopher Vasquez, Davion Miller, Justin Lewis, Daniel Gaona III, Jesus Vega, D’Adrian Espitia and Alejandro Balderas. 


Boys had two make Regionals, they sent one girl to State. 

Juniors: Ball Chiwinkunpathom, Derek Luna and Danny Williams. 

Sophomores: Aaron Gomez and Michala Sulak.

Freshmen: Daniel Gaona III, Joshua Gomez and Christopher Vasquez. 


Did not make the playoffs.

“I know we wanted to win a lot more games, but these girls came out every day and improved as the year went on,” Blank said. “At the beginning of the season, we had girls in different position, and at the end of the season, they were in another position. They really improved and did really well.”

Seniors: Madison Bartlett and Jessica Nordeen. 

Juniors: Haylee Blumrick and Madison Delossantos.

Sophomores: Cierra Gonzales, Avery Lewis, Aaliyah Ochoa and Destinee Ortega. 

Freshmen: Reign Edison, Ana Garrett, Shae Kidwell, Desiree Rodgiquez, Angine Velazquez and Breana Viesca. 


Did not make the playoffs.

“Baseball is not an easy game,” Daniel Gaona Jr. said. “It takes reps after reps after reps, over and over again, to finally find out how to break this game down. I appreciate each one of you gentlemen for coming out and taking the bull by the horns.”

Seniors: Aaron Cardenas, Morgan Williams, Tyler Sulak and Colin Gonzales.

Juniors: Ball Chiwinkunpathom and Cameron Cortez.

Sophomores: Wylee Strelec, Rogeric Schooler, Dustin Roberts, Ty Morton and Mathew Marek.

Freshmen: Blayke Yeager, Christopher Vasquez, Justin Lewis, Daniel Gaona III, D’Adrian Espitia and Jericho Cardenas. 


Girls track sent a team to Area, boys track sent a runner to Regionals. 

“Thank y’all for your hard work,” Coach Landon Wright said. “Only two seniors are up here, so everyone else is coming back. They’ll have a pretty successful track team in the future.”

Seniors: Madison Bartlett and Colin Gonzales.

Juniors: Cameron Cortez, Madison Delossantos, Salvador Hernandez, Gaige Kocian and Eryc Oliver.

Sophomores: Javier Olvera and Aaliyah Ochoa.

Freshmen: Angie Velazquez, Christopher Velzquez, Margartia Olvera, Shae Kidwell, Ana Garrett and Jericho Cardenas.


Did not advance out of District.

“(At District) they did way, way, beyond what I thought they’d do,” Coach Marja Lutringer said. “Girls played very well. Madison Delossantos and Madison Bartlett made it to third place. Our boys, Colin Gonzales and Duran Vasquez phenomenal. I don’t know were they came from but boy they were putting the ball down.” 

Seniors: Madison Bartlett and Colin Gonzales. 

Juniors: Haylee Blumrick, Madison Delossantos, Saul Media and Duran Vasquez. 

Sophomores: Karleigh Surratt and Aaliyah Ochoa.


Girls advanced to State.

“(The boys) did a super job. They’re excited about golf and I can’t wait to see the strides that they’re going to make,” Bill said. “The (girls) worked hard and they improved every time that they played.” 

Seniors: Tyler Sulak, Madison Bartlett and Colin Gonzales. 

Juniors: Madison Delossantos.

Sophomores: Aaliyah Ochoa, Mathew Marek, Avery Lewis and Erica George.

Freshmen: Daniel Gaona III.

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