To support the health and safety of our students and communities, the University Interscholastic League (UIL) is suspending all UIL sanctioned contests, rehearsals, practices and workouts due to the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Texas. Effective March 16, all UIL interscholastic activities are suspended through March 29.

During this time, a school shall not conduct practices or use school facilities or equipment. This means that no practices or workouts outside the school day can be conducted starting March 16 through March 29.

During school closures, schools shall not conduct practices or use school facilities or equipment. School practices include open gyms, open facilities, and open weight rooms. All athletic facilities should remain closed for both non-school and school activities.

If school is in session, then normal use of the in-school athletic period is allowed. Schools in session shall not conduct after school practices or use school facilities or equipment.

El Campo is out of school until at least April 3. 

Louise will be out of school indefinitely.

While the UIL is suspending all extracurricular activities, they are still planning on returning after the two-week absence. Softball and baseball have had no changes to the start of playoffs.

There are new changes for soccer, tennis, golf and track.

Soccer playoffs are set to begin on April 14.

Tennis district certification is April 18.

Golf district certification is April 14.

Track district certification is April 11.

All info provided by the UIL

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