My football fandom is up for grabs. If you see me on the streets, feel free to sell me on why I should root for your pro football team.

I was born a Houston Oilers fan and spent my childhood watching Warren Moon throw touchdowns as he made playoff appearance after playoff appearance. I still remember watching the Oilers blow a massive lead to the Bills, eating chili with my pops. That was when I became a true fan, seeing my hopes of a long playoff run dashed... Nothing seals your heart to a team like a soul-crushing loss.

Five short years later, the Oilers left and my fandom, just kind of waffled. When the Texans came around, I started to be a fan of them, Andre Johnson was amazing, Arian Foster was great and for a while, they were a fun team to root for, but they were never my team.

I continued to watch them, but once Bill O’Brien took over it was the beginning of the end for me. Recently, they hired a new head coach who’s never even been an offensive or defensive coordinator before. They’ve given up and I’m giving up too....

I know El Campo seems to be Cowboys country, but I don’t think I can be a fan of a Dallas team.

I’m still a Rockets and Astros fan and rooting for a Dallas team would just seem too odd. I’ll listen to some good arguments if you got them, but considering they’re about as successful as the Texans that might be a tough sell, at least for me.

With the rumors of the Bills moving to Austin, that sounded promising as a new team for me to love for a while.

My dad grew up rooting for the Lions and I thought about giving them a try, but they’re historically pretty bad too.

I don’t want to be one of those fans that love’s Tom Brady and is gonna be a fan where he plays. I can’t be a bandwagon fan. I want to root for a team again and would love one to follow and care about.

I’ll likely catch Texans games on TV this season, but I won’t care. I’ll certainly make fun of them for all the silly things they do. If you follow the Texans, you know it’s coming... I mean, days before the season opened, they traded their best cornerback to the Saints. Maybe not dumb or silly, but just a sign of the team giving up this season....

Until I find a new team, I guess I’m doomed or blessed, to watch a lot more football this season.

The Cowboys did look fun the other night against the Buccaneers, but taking joy in a Dallas team felt weird. How do you Houston-adjacent Cowboy fans do it, really?

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