El Campo junior running back Rueben Owens II finishes the 2021 regular season as Wharton County’s number one running back in terms of yards, carries and touchdowns. Below is a list of all the rushers in Wharton County that finished with more than 200 yards. West Wharton County had three of the best running backs, all finishing with more than 1,000 yards on the ground. 

1. Rueben Owens II (El Campo) 2,261 yards, 170 carries, 36 TDs

2. Johntre Davis (El Campo) 1,066 yards, 103 carries, 13 TDs 

3. Tayveon Kimble (Louise) 1,048 yards, 121 carries 15 TDs

4. Ryan O’Neal (Boling) 799 yards, 104 carries, 15 TDs

5. Trenton Jones (Boling) 722 yards, 130 carries, 5 TDs

6. Christian Montalvo (Boling) 713 yards, 113 carries, 8 TDs

7. Blayke Yeager (Louise) 590 yards, 88 carries, 4 TDs

8. Dallas Novicke (East Bernard) 448 yards, 89 carries, 8 TDs

9. Joshua Montalvo (East Bernard) 396 yards, 55 carries, 6 TDs

10. Braydon Lemos (East Bernard) 345 yards, 60 carries, 4 TDs

11. DK Ward (El Campo) 334 yards, 16 carries, 3 TD’s

12. Stephen Norman (El Campo) 331 yards, 52 carries, 6 TD’s

13. Raymond Hudson (Wharton) 326 yards, 108 carries, 3 TDs

14. Joseph Cooper (East Bernard) 234, 42 carries, 2 TD

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