I’m done with Houston and their games getting canceled... This is two or three straight weeks now. No more Houston games going forward, I tell you what. To cool my anger over not being able to see the Cougars play, no one gets a free point this week. All that being said, stay safe out there. The Cougars are a prime example that COVID is still out and about and it can strike anywhere even canceling football games.

In week four of the football contest, one card stood out with 14 of 15 right guesses. Brenda Thane of El Campo was an Army win away from going 15 for 15 and she’ll take home first place this week.

James McMahan, J.C. Franz and John Paul Appling, all of El Campo, had to battle it out for the final two spots with 13 correct picks. Interestingly enough all three got the same college games right, but differed slightly with the pro games. When looking back at their scorecards, I’am sure Appling and McMahan both shouted ‘Darn you Falcons. Can’t you do anything right?’ as the Bears came from behind, with a backup quarterback no less, to win.

In the tie-breaker game, Louise and Agua Dulce scored a combined 60 points. Appling applied a stiff-arm to McMahan to hold him off with a guess of 59 to secure second place. McMahan’s guess of 55 was good enough for third place. Franz came in a little low with a guess of 44.

In week five’s picks, I so wanted to include the Falcons again, but it would have been too easy. The Falcons will probably lead the Packers by 14-20 points in the third quarter only to have the Aaron Rodgers come back and win. I hope there aren’t any Falcons fans reading this because my heart goes out to you. Signed sad Texans fan.

-Joshua Reese

Sports Editor

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