Goal Line

Cole Hunt makes a catch for the Horned Frogs eariler this season. His next catch could end up being in the NFL. 


Following Cole Hunt’s senior season with the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs (TCU), the former Ricebird is now preparing to try and join his brother Joey in the NFL.

“Right after the bowl game, I decided, obviously my dream is to play in the NFL, so I’m going to give that a shot,” Cole Hunt said.

New years day is spent partying or recovering from a party for most, but for Hunt, that’s when he signed on with Athletes First, and since Jan. 2, he’s been training daily in order to be ready for TCU’s pro day; no date has been accounted yet.

Since the start of the year, Hunt has been working out at Exos in Fort Worth, trying to get bigger, faster, and stronger.

“I’m working on everything from nutrition, flexibility, speed, strength, position work, film study, I’m working on everything,” Hunt said. “Where I’m training at is one of the best training facilities in the nation.”

Hunt’s everyday schedule will remain pretty much the same over the next couple of weeks. The former Ricebird will not take part in the senior bowl (by invite only), and the NFL combine invitations have yet to be sent out.

In two year’s with the Horned Frogs, Hunt accounted for 12 catches for 124. His man job in College was to help as a blocking tight end.

“Our offense asked for me to do more blocking which is fine with me as long as we win, so this year went great,” Hunt said. “Whatever they ask me to do, I’m just going to do to the best of my ability, to be honest.”

Hunt’s always been passionate about playing football, be it with the Ricebirds or playing in College, but during his senior season, it slowly started morphing from a game into something that he might be able to do on the next level.

During his final season, the coaching staff told Hunt that scouts had been dropping by from time to time and asking about him and after watching film they liked what they saw.

Listed at 6’7” and 255 pounds, Hunt sees himself being able to fill a number of different roles on the next level.

“I’m a versatile blocker,” Hunt said. “I can block in line, block a seven technique, block a nine technique. Also, I can play H-back, full-back, I can go ISO on linebackers, and then also they can flex me out. I can block on the perimeter too. I think that was the main things this year that popped out on film out to scouts and other teams, I’m a big guy that can do a whole bunch of different blocking that you can use in a whole bunch of ways.”

Scouts and teams have tons of film on Hunt and his blocking ability. What he hasn’t been able to showcase in his career as a College football player is his receiving ability, which he feels is an underrated part of his game.

“I think I’ll surprise a lot of people with my hands and my route running,” Hunt said.

During the Horned Frogs pro-day, Hunt will get a chance to showcase himself to every NFL team and all it takes to get drafted is for one team to like what he offers as a player.

The former Ricebird was a senior on the team that went to the State championship and his hard work earned him a full-ride to Rice University. After two seasons he transferred to TCU to finish out his career, but the hard work mindset has never left him.

“Football has a strange way of paying people back that work hard,” Hunt said. “It also has a strange way of exposing people who don’t put in the work. There are very few guys who are athletically gifted enough to where they don’t have to put in the work.”

So for Hunt, the next few weeks will be spent in daily training, preparing for the biggest job interview he might ever have.

The NFL already has seen one Hunt, come April, they might see another.

Continue following the Leader-News for updates on Cole’s journey to the NFL.

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