Rice Consolidated Raider senior Ian Hargrove makes a pitch during Midnight Madness Monday morning during the first day of football practice.


After a lot of thought and consideration, the Wharton County Coaches Luncheon has been canceled this year. The coaches provided great information about their teams at the event yearly and that won’t be going anywhere.

In the place of the luncheon will be something a little more comprehensive for the football fans of Wharton County and beyond.

The Leader-News, the Wharton Journal-Spectator and the East Bernard Express will be debuting “Wharton County All Access” featuring videos from each team. In these videos will be clips from practice and an interview with the coach.

The three papers will also share information from the coaches in the edition as the videos are released.

This Saturday the Leader-News will have an “Football All Access” story from each of the teams, just like in years past. You can also head to the Wharton County Sports Facebook page and find every video for each team. As it’s posted each paper will release the videos on their own social media later in the week. But the Leader-News and the Wharton County Sports Facebook will be the first to have it.

“The hope with the change this year is to give fans of all these great teams in Wharton County and beyond, a little behind the scenes access that the coaches luncheon just couldn’t provide,” Sports Editor Joshua Reese said.

Teams that will be covered with the Football All Access and have videos released will be Louise, East Bernard, Rice Consolidated, Wharton, Boling and El Campo.

“This area is ripe with football talent, hopefully, everyone will enjoy the change this season and we can provide even more next season,” Reese said.

While the luncheon is leaving, it’s just the meal, the information will continue being available to football fans around the area.

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