Being in Wharton County and being around so many Dallas Cowboys’ fans, I never really thought people around here were Houston Astros fans too. This latest run by the Astros has me seeing there are actually a lot more fans of the orange and white than I thought.

While people may be fans of the Wharton Tigers, the El Campo Ricebirds or the East Bernard Brahmas, it doesn’t matter who you root for, when the Astros are this deep in the playoffs, everyone bleeds orange.

Recently, I took my mom to her first-ever Astros playoff game, in honor of my father who passed away a few years earlier. Baseball was one of my dad’s favorite things and watching the Astros on the weekends while he cooked brisket are memories I hold dear. Luckily he was able to see a World Series championship before he passed.

Since my dad passed, the Astros, who I grew up rooting for and loving, wasn’t anything I could really get into. However, for some reason, this playoff run has captured my attention. After taking my mom to the Red Sox game in which they hit two grand slams, even in the loss, seeing the joy of going to a game and experiencing something my dad loved, has re-kindled my love of the Astros.

Since opening my eyes and loving the Astros again, I am now seeing everyone else around me also really getting into this run.

This Astros team has someone for everyone. The grinders have third baseman, Alex Bregman. The showoffs, but for good reason type of people, have shortstop Carlos Correa. The overlooked have second baseman Jose Altuve.

Baseball is slow, and sometimes can be boring - let’s be honest. But when the Astros are rolling, they’re fun and hard to beat.

Nothing was more exciting than seeing Altuve go first to third on a bunt in Boston in game five. I mean who does that? Altuve does.

The way Altuve plays baseball made him my dad’s favorite and mine too. If I ever have a son or daughter, their name will be Altuve.

It’s fun to root for the Astros and see all of you rooting for the Astros.

If you see me out and about town, shout go Astros, and I’ll shout it back.

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