Game Ender

Louise’s Game Administrator and High School Principal Donna Kutac along with Precinct 3 Constable Robert Holder take with Bloomington and game officials on how they should handle the final play of the game.


A good game between the Louise Hornets (1-0) and the Bloomington Bobcats (0-2) turned bad after an on-field fight lead to a sideline clearing brawl Friday night at Hornet Stadium. As time expired, Louise was awarded a 20-13 victory.

In victory formation with seconds left in the game, a bad snap sent the ball backward near the endzone. A scramble for the ball, escalated into pushing and shoving from both sides. The pushing turned into fighting causing players and coaches to run onto the field. Coaches tried to break up the fight, involving several players from both sides but everything was ultimately broken up after Precinct 3 Constable Robert Holder rushed onto the field and used pepper spray to break up the fighting from both sides.

When asked for comment about the use of pepper spray, Holder referred the Leader-News to the Wharton County Attorney G.A. “Trey” Maffett.

Players and coaches quickly retreated to their respective sidelines following the fight’s end. Bloomington fans who were near the Louise sideline near started to cross the track, but school administrators turned them around before they made it closer to the Louise sideline.

“There were coaches and different people that were pepper-sprayed,” Louise’s Game Administrator and High School Principal Donna Kutac said. “(It was needed) to stop the fight, because it just continued on.”

With eight seconds remaining on the game clock, Louise was allowed on the field without Bloomington players. The officials ran the clock without a snap to end the game.

“Nobody wanted (the players) to go back on to the field for fear there would be another brawl,” Kutac said. “So we ended the game and that’s why the guys lined up without touching the ball.”

 Following the game, the Hornets remained inside their weight room until  Bloomington players were on the bus and left the stadium.

“It’s a frustrating end with a few seconds left,” Hornets Head Coach Joe Bill said. “To win your opening ball game like that was very disappointing, it just took the joy out of it.”

The ejected players will not be able to play the first half of the Hornets’ next game. As of press time, it’s not known how many players on either side were ejected. Game officials will likely file reports following the game. It’s unclear if more action will follow from the schools or the UIL.

The brawl takes away from what was a good showing by the Hornets. Their rushing offense dominated the ball with seniors, quarterback Daylon Machicek and running back Rogeric Schooler breaking big running plays throughout the game.

Bloomington was able to move the ball through the air against the Hornets but Schooler picked off a pass in the endzone to stop what would have tied the game. The Hornets defense also forced another turnover on the following possession to seal what would eventually be their first win of the year.

Trailing 7-0, the Hornets scored on a 69-yard drive, capped off by a Schooler 2-yard run. On their next possession, from deeper on the field, the Hornets had a 10-play 86-yard drive resulting in a Machicek quarterback keeper from 10-yards out. The Hornets’ final score came late in the third quarter with another rushing touchdown from Machicek from five-yards away.

Next week the Hornets will play High Island in Louise.

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