Rogeric Schooler tires to find a running lane near his own goal line but his met by a host of Ganado players.


The Louise Hornets allowed offense at will against the larger Ganado Indians Friday night at home, losing the first game of the season 71-6.

“They outnumbered us and I knew they were going to outnumber us,” Louise Head Coach Joe Bill said. “We played with them a little bit until we turned it over. We were driving the ball. We had a pretty good scheme going on them but that fumble took the wind right out of our sails and we couldn’t recover.”

Outside of two offensive drives, one a deep drive into the Ganado side of the field in the first half and the other a touchdown drive in the second half, the Hornets 2A didn’t muster much of a resistance to the 3A classification Indians. The first drive ended in a fumble which turned into a Ganado score. The touchdown drive was a 48-yard pass from senior Robert Montes to freshman Rex Rodriguez to make the game 57-6.

Up until that touchdown drive, the Hornets had just one first down in the second half. One their first drive of the fourth quarter and the ball at the 28-yard line, the offense got rolling. Rogeric Schooler had a run to the Louise side of the field for five yards. Two plays later Blayke Yeager had a tough run up the middle for six yards a first down, only the second in the half. Nearing mid-field on a thrid and one, Montes hit the home run, finding Rodriquez who had outrun triple-team coverage for the walk-in score.

However, that was the last bit of happiness the Hornets had Friday night. Ganado scored twice more on a first-play quarterback keeper for 66 yards and the final score was a punt block with Louise backed up in their own endzone.

“We got knocked down pretty good today, but what are we going to do to bounce back? Are we going to fold up our tent and go home? Or are we going to pull up our bootstraps and get to work and get better,” Bill said. “They played a good football team tonight and I don’t think we’re going to play another team like that until we get to district.”

Next week the Hornets will go on the road to play Kenedy. Both teams will be looking for their first win of the season with Kenedy losing to Karnes City 28-8 on Friday night.

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