If you’ve ever wondered what total chaos looks like, it’s week 16 in the football contest. 

Oh, we had a clear winner all right. However we had 10, yes 10 people tie for the final two spots. So when you were tabulating your own results for the contest’s finale this week and, when you were done, you thought you had a good chance at winning, well you weren’t completely wrong.

The NFL produced a lot of tight games this week including two overtime times games, but 10 of you super sleuths still predicted the right winners. 

What it really came down to was Wharton County being Dallas Cowboys county. 

A majority of everyone playing this week took the Cowboys over the Eagles... Shame on the Cowboys for barely showing up against an Eagles team that started I think three high school students at wide receiver.

What’s even crazier is the Cowboys still have a shot to make the playoffs. All they need is a win over the Redskins and the Giants to beat the Eagles...

As a Texans fan, they’ve won the division four out of the last five years. Is anybody going to hop on the Deshaun Watson bandwagon? There is room for every disenfranchised Cowboys fan out there.

Ok I’ll stop pointing out the Texans have been more successful then the Cowboys this decade and get to the winners of the football contest this week.

With 13 overall right picks, the final first-place winner of the 2019 football contest goes to Renay Williams of El Campo.

James McMahan, Jerry Williams, Michael Thane, Anthony Gerla, Kenny Stinson, Shawn Hagel, Robert Lormard and Matt Hranicky, all of El Campo, and Norma Korenek of Louise and Gary Preuss of Katy, all fought it out for the final two spots, tieing with 12 correct picks.

The Chiefs and Bears scored 29 total points and Preuss took home second place with the closest guess of 43 in the first tie-breaker.

The Bears bearly showed up and kept the score low, nearly everyone had a pick in the 40s.

McMahan and Williams had the next closest scores with guesses of 44 which sent them through to the second tie-breaker.

With a total of 584 yards, Williams takes home third place, picking 680 yards.

Congrats to the winners all season, the contest this year has had some twists and turns, but hopefully everyone enjoyed it. 

Until next year happy holidays everyone! 

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