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El Campo’s head athletic trainer Robert (Doc) Easter checks the temperature of incoming junior Shemar Hudlin before entering the Ricebirds practice Monday morning.  Also pictured is incoming junior Isaiah Anderson waiting for his turn. Now all athletes and coaches have to wear masks before workouts and after workouts. 


In the Wharton County sports coverage area, all of the teams have restarted their workouts following a week-long UIL suggested pause.

With the potential start to the football season coming closer, the Ricebirds returned to the field Monday morning wearing masks. Students wore masks on their way to get their temperature checked and, while waiting for workouts to begin they sat with their face coverings on.

 El Campo had the choice to start doing one-on-one drills, but they opted to keep practices without contact and next week add more to the Ricebirds’ plate.

“Since we’re starting back again, we’re going to stay true to what we’ve been doing (before stopping last week),” El Campo Athletic Director Wayne Condra said. “Next week will add a little bit more and the week after will add a little bit more. Then we’ll see where we’re at whether we start or whether it’s a little postponement and then we start at a later date, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” Condra said Monday mroning.

The Ricebirds are preparing for official football practice to start in August.


Just across the county line, Fort Bend ISD is the eighth largest ISD and they have announced they will restart school on-line to begin the school year. No extracurricular activity will take place until they return to the classroom.

In Fort Bend County, there are nine ISDs including two that have direct ties to El Campo. Both Needville ISD and Stafford Municipal School District are in El Campo’s football district.

The UIL last week stated students who chose to do on-line learning will be allowed to take part in extracurricular activities. However, Fort Bend ISD is the first district to shut everything down for the foreseeable future.

COVID-19 numbers across the state have continued to rise. In Fort Bend, they have 4,799 cases compared to Wharton County’s 349. However, if you adjust for population, Wharton County’s numbers are actually bigger. In Fort Bend, a half percent of the population has been infected with COVID-19 while in Wharton eight-tenths of a percent is or has dealt with the virus.

States surrounding Texas have given updated guidance for fall sports. In New Mexico, football and boys and girls soccer have been pushed to the spring. Oklahoma today is allowing practices for cross-country, volleyball, baseball and softball. Louisiana has released a chart that goes with different stages of state reopening. Once the state hits stage four, all sports will be allowed. Under their current stage, stage two, only cross-country and swimming are allowed.

The UIL this week is allowing some one-on-one contact, but outside of that, mums the word.

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