Pictured is the Rice Consolidated Raiders 2019 senior class. Top row (l-r): Alex Toriz, Warren Scott Jr., RJ Zarate and Ian Hargrove. Bottom row (l-r): Drayton Canaris, Dylan Ramirez, Erick Gutierrez and Noah Mendoza.


The Rice Consolidated Raiders won’t get a cupcake to up open the non-district part of their season. This Friday night at home, they will play the East Bernard Brahmas who were a stone’s throw away from the 3A state championship game.

Last year, the Raiders played a good game and only gave up one offensive touchdown to the Brahmas, but ultimately lost 16-0 on the road. While the Raiders played a good game it wasn’t perfect and the Brahmas capitalized.

The Brahmas will look a little different this season replacing key seniors. Rice Consolidated is in the same boat needing to break in a new backfield and quarterback.

The Raiders went to the regional round in the playoffs last season and they’re going to know a lot about their season after facing an elite test in the Brahmas on Friday night.

“I think it’s going to help us out a lot,” senior Drayton Canaris said. “A lot of these young guys they’ve been used to junior varsity the last two years and they’re going to get a big wake up call on Friday night. It’s going to help all of us out especially those younger guys. It’s going to be a totally different speed. It’s going to help us mature so we’ll be ready when district rolls around.”

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