I Can Run Too

Ricebird senior Dekoreyus Ward runs with the ball during an offensive drill in practice last week at Ricebird Stadium. 


The first week for the El Campo Ricebirds has been more high-paced from seasons past. Despite a new style of coaching, different drills, and a quick practice pace, Ricebirds attentively went through drills learning their new roles on offense and defense.

After two days of helmets and shirts, Wednesday the Ricebirds added on football pads. During Thursday’s practice the Ricebirds went through some live game looks with the varsity offensive running plays against the junior varsity defense. The week of practice has been instructive for the coaching staff.

“Our number one goal is to get the effort from kids that we want and they’ll give us what’s expected of them. That’s what it takes to be a championship team,” El Campo Head Coach Chad Worrell said. “Right now we’re not even close, but we wouldn’t expect to be there on day four. If you are that means you’re through coaching for the year and you can put it on autopilot and that’s just not the way it works. We’ve got a long way to go to get what we need out of them and as coaches as far as evaluating players and getting them in the right positions.”

The Ricebirds won’t scrimmage today, but they have full contact drills. Running back drills, wide receiver drills, blocking and tackling and it’s open to the community to come out and check out the team. Varsity will be at 8 a.m. and junior varsity and freshmen will be at 9 a.m.

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