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Blayke Yeager (13) looks to put a hit on the Ganado runner during the team’s first game of the season. The Hornets are currently 0-2 on the year.


The Louise Hornets’ start to the season has not been ideal with back-to-back losses by more than 40 points. This Friday, it won’t get much easier as the Hornets, a 2A school, will host Bloomington, a 3A school, for their homecoming game.

“It’s tough,” junior running back Rogeric Schooler said. “We’ve got a lot of young people on the team that don’t have much experience. I think we can be a better team if we (come together) and start hitting.”

Bloomington, like Louise, has struggled, going winless in their first two games, which were also back-to-back blowouts. Louise, however, has put points on the scoreboard with a touchdown drive in each game.

At Monday’s practice getting ready for their upcoming game with Bloomington, the theme was toughness.

“It’s all a mentality thing,” Schooler said. “Coaches say however we practice, it’s how we’re going to play. I’m seeing that a whole lot. Nobody is hitting in practice and we aren’t doing it in the game.”

Special teams and broken tackles have hampered the Hornets through the first two weeks of play. On offense, Louise’s run game has not been able to get going and establish themselves.

In seven-on-seven during the offseason, it might have been a different style of play, but the Hornets defeated Bloomington during the Ganado seven-on-seven league.

Louise this week will look for a huge boost from the home fans as they celebrate homecoming. If the Hornets can wrap up on defense and not allow special teams scores, they might have a chance to pick up their first win of the year.

Bloomington has gained on average 94 yards a game and given up five turnovers on offense through their first two games. Defensively they’ve allowed 45 points a game on average.

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