Joe Bill

Louise Head Coach Joe Bill during a girls basketball game earlier this year. 

Louise Hornets Atheltic Director Joe Bill and Superintendent Garth Oliver will be in Pflugerville Tuesday to appeal the volleyball district the UIL handed down after their biennial reclassification and realignment.

In Louise, like most other small schools, students often do multiple things, i.e. volleyball players are in the marching band and cheerlead. After the latest round of reclassification and realignment volleyball was sent farther away from football than normal. Before the latest realignment, the UIL had Louise volleyball and football in the same general areas. 

“(Our appeal) would eliminate some travel for our volleyball girls to make it to our football games,” Bill said.

With football this year having to make a few long drives, if volleyball was in the same direction, they wouldn’t have to make an even longer trip to catch the game or cheer.

Football this year will spend their time south of Victoria. Volleyball, without intervention, from the UIL will be on the north side of Victoria.

The UIL currently has Louise in district District 27 which includes Flatonia, Ganado, Schulenburg, Shiner, Weimar, Prairie Lea, and Waelder. A successful appeal would move Louise to District 28 which includes Bloomington, Kenedy, Pettus, Refugio, Woodsboro, Yorktown, Austwell-Tivoli, Nordheim, and Runge.

District 27 voted unanimously to release the Hornets. However, District 28 voted 8-1 against Louise. Had both been unanimous they could have made the transition without involving the UIL. Now the Hornets will have to make a plea to the UIL.

Not having gone through this process before, Bill hopes his message of travel concerns, will be enough to leave Pflugerville with a successful appeal.

“We’re trying to align our football district as close as possible with volleyball to eliminate any travel issues,” Bill said. “We don’t want our kids to have to choose, should I play in band or play volleyball. Especially our younger kids on J.V. who play the last game, could they make it to the football game to march at half-time? I know it won’t alleviate the whole issue, but it will help.”

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