Catching Bad Guys

Texas Game Warden Chris Bird with 56 geese, seized from poachers trespassing onto the El Rancho De Los Patos.

After years of patroling Wharton County and the surrounding counties, the wildlife of the area will have a new protector with Game Warden Chris Bird receiving a promotion that will move him out of the area.

“(It’s) truly is a bitter-sweet moment for me. On one hand, I can take what I have learned from my countless experiences in Wharton County and pass them onto the next generation of Texas Game Wardens, but, on the other, I won’t be out there proactively chasing down outlaw poachers or stopping by to have a hot cup of coffee with my landowners and constituents anymore. I will unquestionably miss serving the people of Wharton County and who knows, maybe one day I’ll have the opportunity to once again serve them again in another capacity.” Bird said.

Bird spent 12 years as the second Game Warden in Wharton County, but will now move over to the Victoria District at the rank of captain.

“The last 12 years have sailed by and I have no regrets to speak of. I worked long and hard hours for the people of Wharton County to protect their wildlife resources and well-being because that is what is expected of every Texas Game Warden. The Wharton County communities have been and are an amazing support system for Texas Game Wardens to fulfill our missions,” Bird siad. “I can only expect that to continue. My time in Wharton County is but a mere moment in history and I can only hope that my enthusiasm and work ethic will act as a cornerstone for future generations of Texas Game Wardens to build upon.”

With Bird leaving, Thomas Sparkman will join long-time Wharton County Game Warden Johnathan Blackburn as the two responsible for keeping the wildlife safe in the area.

Sparkman will be coming to Wharton County from Matagorda County and this will be his third posting since becoming a Game Warden.

“I’ve kind of helped work this County since being in Matagorda, so it’s a pretty easy transition,” Sparkman said.

The Wharton County Game Wardens along with keeping watch for poachers, do youth outreach with programs like Kid-Fish which happens twice a year and an annual youth hunt. Nothing is scheduled as of this moment, but they are working on getting a date for an upcoming youth hunt.

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