Set, Hut

Pictured above assistant coach Trent Popp gets ready to snap a football during a defensive line drill with incoming junior Alex Figirova (left) and incoming senior Clarence Farrow ready to rush. 


El Campo ISD’s summer workout program ended last Friday with an abbreviated practice due to some turf maintenance. The girls’ workouts ended Thursday.

Throughout the summer, high school and middle school athletes took part in the ISD’s offseason workout two hours a day, four days a week. Program-wide, El Campo at different points during the summer had around 300 athletes take part in the workouts.

“I’ve been super happy with the boys and girls and it was new for the junior high this year,” El Campo athletic director Chad Worrell said. “You usually have the junior high kids’ numbers tail off this time of year, and they have but we’ve still got a lot of kids out here.”

For the El Campo Ricebirds football players, during the final week, they continued to get more added to their plate and learning what they’ll do this year.

“I’ve seen a really good commitment over the summer,” Worrell said. “We were worried about the attendance, but it’s been really great attendance for the summer conditioning workouts. We’ve integrated a lot of football skill work into that and started to get the base offense and defense down and we think that we have. We’ve answered a lot of questions about some kids without even putting pads on, (but) we’ll continue to evaluate and answer those questions through two-a-days and our two scrimmages.”

With a new coaching style and new schemes to learn, the high school returning football players showed up in large numbers during the summer. While they didn’t get a chance to work out in the new weight room, yet, with football drills and the workouts, players saw growth from the team.

“We’ve come a long way there is no doubt about that,” El Campo senior Carson Whittington said. “(From) first starting to learn seven-on-seven until now it’s a totally different football team, we’re almost unrecognizable. It’s crazy how much they’ve thought us in just the little bit of time they’ve been here.”

Despite a new direction from years past with what they’ve learned this offseason, the Ricebirds are ready for Aug 2.

“I think we’ll be very, very solid as soon as we start,” Whittington said.

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