Red Blurs

A El Campo sub-varsity football player runs with the school flag following a touchdown earlier this season. Many sub-varsity players have run the flags this season, but one runner James Dorotik was doing it while watching his older brother start for the varsity Ricebirds.


Carrying the El Campo school flags to start the game and after touchdowns is a Ricebird tradition. This year the touchdown ceremony included a freshman watching his senior brother.

During the regular season, freshman James Dorotik was one of a group of underclassmen who ran the schools’ flags. He was doing this while watching his older brother Jack, the Ricebirds senior center,  pave the way for El Campo touchdowns.

For James not only did it allow him to be on the field to watch his brother, but he gets to enjoy the action up close.

“Like when they’re about to run out of the tunnel we can hear them talking and everything. It’s really cool,” James said. “It’s pretty cool to see (Jack). It’s hard to see him sometimes because he’s on the line.”

Jack was also a flag runner when he was a freshman. While focused on the game, he knew his brother was out there.

“It’s pretty cool to see him (over there), looking up to us all,” Jack said.

In the playoffs, freshman, junior varsity and varsity all share the same sidelines.

Jack and James even got to play in the same game together, both playing against Yates. Jack starts, James came in late in fourth to close out the game.

During the Linedale game at McLane Stadium, two eighth-graders Mason Cortez and Reed Whitington were responsible for flag duties.

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