One card stood the highest in week 13 of the football contest. Three others battled it out gladiator style at Ricebird Stadium for the final two spots, I kid, but maybe we should start determining winners that way... I guess we’ll visit that next year, maybe.

As for the scores and winners this week, shame on me for picking games that didn’t provide many chances at big upsets, unless you count Auburn beating Alabama, who’s down their starting quarterback.

With 13 correct picks, Kenny Stinson of El Campo took home the top spot this week. Stinson, came one game away from nailing every college game correctly - the gambler inside of me can only think of that massive parlay he could have hit.

Rodney McMahon of Katy and Cathy Kemberline and Blake Appling, both of El Campo, all finished with 12 correct picks.

The tie-breaker game of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State provided the points, but not on the scale that McMahon had hoped for. Kimberling’s guess of 52 was closest to lock down second-place and Appling who picked 54 will finish this week in the final spot.

In week 14 of the football contest, we had to go heavy with NFL games. However, in college football, it’s championship week, hopefully, they’ll provide a lot of different scorecards.

For those that have won, don’t fear, we haven’t forgotten about you. Like in football, we’ve had some personal changes and it’s put us a little bit behind. Keep hanging on, your winnings will be on the way soon.

As a reminder, if you’re reading this story, you can play too, only a few weeks left before the annual football contest wraps.

Joshua Reese

Wharton County Sports Editor

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