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During the Ladybirds summer league game in Victoria, incoming senior Kenedy Couvillion (10), incoming junior Georgia Priesmeyer and incoming senior Skylar Bartosh all go for the same ball on a kill attempt. The girls got the ball over the net and ultimately scored a point for El Campo. The Ladybirds will play for three more weeks.  


The El Campo Ladybirds, for the rest of July, will be competing in a volleyball summer league at Victoria College.

Before the Ladybirds former head coach Rhonda Morales left, she made sure the volleyball team had plenty things to occupy their summer to make sure they were ready for the start of the year. One of those activities was the Victoria summer league.

While the team does have open gym nearly every week during the offseason, with summer jobs and other things to take up their time, Monday offered a chance for returners to play together.

“We’re just kind of doing this to get a feel for each other again,” incoming senior Bryn Rod said.

To kick off the summer league, the Ladybirds went 2-0 in their first action Monday afternoon in Victoria. The Ladybirds made short work of their competing beating Yorktown 25-7 and 25-7 and St. Joseph High School 25-11 and 25-10.

Rod picked up where she left off last year picking up a lot of sets and short flicks over the net catching opponents off guard. At the middle of the net incoming seniors, Cassidy Crowell and Skylar Bartosh provided a wall to make it hard for passes to get through. Seniors Maddy Rod and Kenedy Couvillion provided points with good serves.

Even with a head coach, he or she wouldn’t be able to coach the team during the summer league, so the Ladybirds are getting help from a former player. Rebecca Korenek who played for the Ladybirds from 2010-2012 and McNeese State from 2013-2016 in helping the team in the summer league.

Over the next three weeks, working with as much of the varsity team that can make it, Rod is hoping to see improvements and better free balls.

“If our first touch is kind of crazy, we need to work on getting it back together and getting a kill,” Rod said. “Every ball should be pass, set and kill. That’s what I want to see, more kills, less crazy balls.”

The Ladybirds two-a-days for volleyball kick off in the start of August.

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