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Ladybird senior Megan Rek smiles alongside her family after signing her national letter of intent to play for McNeese state. Pictured (l-r) Kaite Rek, Meredith Rek, Megan Rek, Denise Rek and William Rek. On the Leader-News website look for a video of Rek signing and her talking about heading to McNeese.


El Campo Ladybird senior Megan Rek will be continuing her volleyball career beyond high school. In November amongst teammates, coaches, family, and friends, the Ladybird senior signed her national letter of intent to McNeese State.

The Ladybirds tall middle hitter hasn’t had a long volleyball journey but by signing with McNeese it’s become a decision that’s paid off.

As a youth, Rek was more into softball, but she began to get burned out and in middle school started to fall in love with volleyball.

However, Rek didn’t jump into the sport with both feet until her sophomore year at high school when she started playing club.

“Milton Koller (her club coach) the coach at Texstar, saw me, saw my height and saw my potential,” Rek said. “So he recruited me on the team and I just couldn’t be where I am without him. He’s just helped me so much.”

Rek began playing year-round at different tournaments, with more playing time her skills grew. At a club tournament, an assistant coach for McNeese came across Rek as he was out recruiting.

From there on out McNeese kept an eye on her. They saw continued improvement and invited for a visit and then offered her. While other schools reached out, it was just because they saw her height, McNeese showed real interest and came to see her play.

“(The coach) watched me in February and again in March and saw how much I improved in just a month,” Rek said. “He saw how I wanted to learn more and how coachable I was, and you can’t teach height so that’s also a great factor. He saw all that in me and thought I would be a great fit in the program.”

Rek’s improvement continued and in her senior season with the Ladybirds was a dominate force after making the switch from outside to the middle.

Her former coach Rhonda Morales who now teaches at Edna, caught her play when the Ladybirds came to play the Cowgirls. Morales was impressed with her growth in just one year.

“I saw so much more movement from her,” Morales said. “Her ability to move horizontally was a great improvement, and her ability vertically has improved about two or three more inches. (I’m) so impressed with the way she is hitting the 10-foot line.”

“I’m still working on quickness, (being) 6’4” and uncoordinated it’s takes a while to get used to your body,” Rek said. “To become coordinated is really what I’ve been trying to get better at and that’s what I feel improved from last year.”

Rek this season provided the Ladybirds with blocks and powerful kills. Now she’ll be taking her talents to McNeese State and if she keeps on taking steps in her game, Rek will be a force on the college level.

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