One lone scorecard stood out amongst all the rest in week 14 and it wasn’t Roy Schulz of El Campo’s entry... I’m just kidding Mr. Schulz, of course, your 15 correct picks were enough to take the first-place finish. 

Since I’ve been scoring the contest these last few years, we’ve yet to have someone take all 16 games, so 15 definitely takes the case this week and most any other weeks.

Schulz scorecard’s lone blemish was taking Utah over Oregon, I mean with you... Had Utah won, they could have had a good case at making it into the college football playoffs alas they lost, but it didn’t matter to you Mr. 15.

Most weeks 14 correct guesses would be enough to win the top prize and a high-five from the neighbor down the street. This time, one person will be wondering, why, why, why... did I take the Baylor Bears...

Ricky Aldridge, Ronnie Johnson and Cathy Kemberling, all of El Campo locked horns with 14 right on their scorecard. Oklahoma and Baylor went into overtime - a really good game if anyone checked it out. Good defensive pressure by Oklahoma kept Baylor from scoring in overtime giving us the total points of 53 for the football contest’s tie-breaker game.

Kemberling’s guess of 52 was just one point off and she takes home second place. 

Johnson picked 55 and he edge’s out Aldridge to secure the final spot.

Lots of guesses of 12 and 13 this week, and it’s not necessarily your fault, I mean we were so close to having a totally different contest. 

The Dolphins nearly beat the Jets, the Saints almost had the 49ers, the Chiefs had to stop the Patriots on fourth down to survive.

This week, we won’t have another 15 right scorecard, I all but guarantee it. While there is only one division one college game this week, there are two division two games this week and we’re totally adding those in, good luck and remember if you’re reading this you can enter the contest.

-Joshua Reese

Sports Editor

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