To be honest, it would have felt unchristian to award one of the top two spots in the football contest to someone who didn’t pick El Campo and luckily that was a moral dilemma we avoided.

I did appreciate the one person in the contest who wrote Boerne-Champion on their scoreboard but added the words, “I’m sorry.”

It hearkened back memories of Shawn Micheals saying, “I’m sorry, I love you” right before super kicking Ric Flair into retirement. I am not sure if that is what you were going for, but that is how I read into your entry.

While not winning this week, shout out to Jan Preuss of Katy, she was the only person in the contest to get all four football games correct. It was an underdog weekend and she went with the dogs. Numerous scorecards had nine and 10 games right.

The top two cards had 12 right and three people had to fight it out for the final spot with 11 correct games picked.

Faith Richardson and Kenneth Robinson, both of El Campo were tied for first and second place. El Campo and Boerne-Champion combined to score 65 points and Robinson’s guess of 70 total points was the closest locking down first place. Richardson’s guess of 52 points was just a whittle low - to be honest, I thought the score was going to be lower as well.

Steve Bolfing of Danevang and Vic Petrash and Anthony Gerla, both of El Campo finished with 11 right picks. Bolfing went way high with a guess of 81 and had we used Price Is Right rules, would have won (closest without going over). 

Instead, Petrash came closer to the 65 points with a guess of 56, securing third place, beating out Gerla’s guess of 50 total points.

All the names who picked against El Campo have been collected and turned into the Ricebirds Athletic Office, I kid, I kid. This week you will all be spared from having to pick against El Campo, thanks to the bye week.

Thanks again to all those who entered the contest. 

As a reminder, if you are reading these words, you too can enter the contest, just get your entry into the office by quittin’ time Friday. Good luck.

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