Cheering Them On

El Campo varsity cheerleaders (l-r) Emmy Lou Russell, Kinley Tompkins and Holly Foegelle, perform an air stunt during the West Columbia game.


The cheerleaders have struggled with getting the fans in the stands being interactive this season, especially, on simple things like repeating “touchdown,” “go,” or “defense.”

We use signs to help guide the crowd, stunts high in the air, and we have even made notes about participating and placed them throughout the stands. We are trying to do our part, we need your help as well.

Crowd involvement is so instrumental in the success of the game, and we aren’t using it. The roar and sound of the crowd can be extremely motivating to the team on the field and also intimidating to the opponent.

Earlier this season, the cheerleaders created a QR code for the varsity football players to scan in the locker room. asking a few simple questions:

1. Is it motivating when the fans in the stands get into the game?

2. Currently, can you hear the fans in the stands yelling with the cheerleaders?

3. Would you like more crowd participation during the game, for example, yelling defense, hold’em, touchdown, and Go?

4. What else hypes you up at the game that the crowd can help with?

More than half of the varsity roster responded.

All responded with YES to question one.

All but two players responded back with NO to question two.

ALL responded with YES to question three.

On question four, we got responses like: be louder, hearing the crowd roar is helpful, never stop cheering us on, we want the crowd louder and when the defense is on the field everyone should be going crazy. The band also gets us hype, when everyone is yelling and cheering together. More (vocal) during critical plays.

The cheerleaders are asking that the crowd help with the simple one-word phrases like… “GO!”...”GO!”... “GO!!!” Also words like “defense” “touchdown” and “hold em” are great words that we are trying to get the crowd to help during the game.

Also, the HEY Song, is an easy well know cheer to help yell. The El Campo High School fight song is an obligatory thing to participate in, especially for alumni in the crowd. At the end of the fight song, we spell out R-I-C-E-B-I-R-D-S, RICEBIRDS!!!

The football players have spent months working towards the goal of making the postseason. If they believe crowd involvement even helps just a little bit, don’t we owe it to them to give them as much as they are giving out on the field? Let’s help these athletes out and come together as one and cheer the boys on. Please participate with the cheerleaders this Thursday and throughout the playoffs.

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