For people who don’t know me, I am big on rankings, lists and stats. With football season starting this Friday - I hope everybody is ready because I sure am - I wanted to share my take on the best 10 football games in Wharton County this season.

It’s really easy to sit back and root on your team every week, can’t blame you if you did. However, there is so much talent inside this county, if you are so inclined to venture outside your alma mater or the team you root for, these are the games you might want to check out.

In reverse order, here are the top 10 games in Wharton County.

10)  Wharton vs La Marque (Oct 22, home)

Wharton is 0-2 in the last two games they’ve played. If they want to have a chance at the playoffs, this will be a team they will likely have to beat to have a shot.

9) East Bernard vs Boling (Sept 10, in East Bernard)

The two used to meet in the playoffs after playing each other in district. While not in the same division anymore, the two still meet up to earn county 3A bragging rights.

8) El Campo vs Wharton (Sept 17, in Wharton)

El Campo vs Wharton is deep with history. The Ricebirds have won the last two games, but the two have produced lots of points when they play.

7) El Campo vs Bay City (Oct 22, away)

This game is filled with so much history as the longest consecutive rival in Texas High School football. El Campo has had the upper hand the last few times, but this game always feels like it means a lot to each school.

6) Louise vs Runge (Sept 24, away)

Louise beat Runge by two points at home last season, this will likely decide who is third and fourth place.

5) East Bernard vs Rice Consolidated (Oct 22, away)

Rice Consolidated has played East Bernard tighter than most other teams over the last few years.

4) Boling vs Van Vleck (Sept 4, away)

This one should be interesting, Boling is 1-1 in the last two times they’ve played Van Vleck. This year Van Vleck’s head coach is a former Boling assistant coach.

3) El Campo vs Boerne-Champion (Sept 24, away)

This will probably be the best team anyone in Wharton County plays this season. El Campo will get a tough test against a top 5A squad.

2) East Bernard vs Ganado (Sept 24, away)

Two years ago, East Bernard beat Ganado twice, the second game was for the regional quarterfinals. Ganado dropped down to 2A, but is still a top team.

1) El Campo vs Needville (Nov 5, home)

El Campo and Bay City is the longest rivalry. El Campo and Needville might be the best unknown rivalry, over the last few years, the district championship has been decided by one of these two schools.

Let me know if you think I left a game out and you think is a more interesting matchup than this group. Drop me a line at

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