Not one single person picked Lindale in week 12.

I guess it must mean everyone is believing in Big Red Magic, or it could mean that I messed up and put a Thursday game into the contest... I am choosing to accept everyone believes that something magical is happening in El Campo. 

However, with nearly everyone nailing the first tie-breaker game, it is hard to believe that people didn’t give a little peek at the score and send their cards in.

Leslie Kippes of El Campo dominated week 12, picking 13 games right, winning first place. Kippes’ only misses were East Bernard (honestly, who saw that coming), Wake Forrest and Liberty. How she saw the Vikings, Dolphins, Washington and Chiefs, I don’t know. However, I picked up the box Monday morning when I got here so she didn’t sneak it in.

Ronnie Johnson of El Campo snagged second place with 12 right picks. Johnson even got Poth right, but came up just a little short in the NFL games.

Four scorecards had 11 right with Renay Williams, Greg Hodges, Faith Richardson and Jayne Appling duking it out for the final spot. Appling and Williams, mysteriously tied with 98 points, in the first tie-breaker. In the second tie-breaker, Dallas and the Chiefs combined for 646 yards (a little low in my opinion, but the Boys didn’t really show up). Appling came closest only four yards shy of hitting it exactly with a guess of 650. Williams saw the same offensive game I pictured with a guess of 847.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest. 

This week you are really going to have to pick El Campo. I’ve double and triple-checked, Little Cypress-Mauriceville and El Campo is after closing time Friday.

Happy Turkey Day.

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